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For Technicians: How to View a Goal Plan

This video will review what a goal plan is and how behavior technicians can view their goal plans. 

The purpose of goal plans is to ensure you and your supervisor have goals you are striving toward. We suggest meeting with your supervisor to create these goals together!

You can access your goal plan in two ways. First, you can access your goal plan by clicking on the goal tab on the left hand side of your screen. You can also access your goal plan by going to your scorecard and clicking on the personal goal plan tab at the top. Regardless of which way you view your goal plan, the same data will populate.

As you can see, you and your supervisor can set various long term and performance goals for you to work toward. The performance goals you view here provide information about what your data on your dashboard are comparing your performance to. Therefore, you and your supervisor can modify these performance goals, as you see fit. Lastly, you can view personal success goals and an organizational career map at the bottom. The personal success goals relates to the success plan, which is covered in detail in the how to view a success plan video. The organizational career map allows you and your supervisor to determine how you can grow within your organization.