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For Technicians: What is BSTperform?

This video will provide an overview of what BSTperform is and the benefits to using the platform.

BSTperform is a platform that helps applied behavior analysis service providers standardize their clinical operations and demonstrate quality service delivery. BSTperform was developed by Behavior Science Technology and allows supervisors of organizations to collect and display performance of their staff over time, which helps them make important clinical decisions and deliver higher quality care. 

The software allows your supervisor to monitor your performance through observations and immediately provide you with feedback. You have a dashboard where you can see your performance over time. Using the data collected, you and your supervisor can work together to create goals to work toward to ensure you are supported in your position and continue to grow professionally. There is also a resource library that your organization can use to house items, such as journal articles. When your supervisor conducts observations, your performance will be measured in three areas: clinical and professional performance, as well as environmental barriers. Clinical skills refers to those hard skills that are quantifiable, such as implementing a teaching procedure. Professionalism skills refers to soft skills, such as arriving to session on time. Environmental barriers refers to things in the work context that may be hindering performance, such as whether one has the required materials for session. 

For more information on the features of BSTperform that you will use, please review the other behavior technician training videos in this knowledge base.