How to Create a Goal Plan

This video will review how direct supervisors can create and modify goal plans for their team members.

The purpose of goal plans are to ensure you and your team members are working toward common goals. We suggest meeting with your supervisees to create these goal plans together!

You can create a goal plan by going to the specific supervisees dashboard and clicking on the personal goal plan tab at the top. Once you are here you can create or modify that supervisees long term goals, performance goals, and organizational career map. 

Long term goals are those that you and your supervisee are working on together. These goals can be discontinued, edited, or met at any time. Once a goal is met you can mark it off by clicking the met button. This too will populate at the bottom of the screen in the log. 

The performance goal section is where you can set the goal for your supervisee in the areas of clinical, professional, and environmental. This performance goal number will be what their performance is compared to on their dashboard. You can use the same features discussed above to modify these goals. 

Each supervisee may have a different career map. The organizational career map is a way for you and your supervisee to communicate their professional plans within the organization, if applicable.  

Once modifications are made, you can press save or update personal goal plan and the information will then be available in your team members platform. Once you are done reviewing a personal goal plan you can click close. 

It is important to note that only direct supervisors can modify personal goal plans. If you are an indirect or non-direct supervisor then you will not be able to create or modify those supervisees goal plans. You can view your indirect and non-direct supervisees personal goal plans though. For information on how to view goal plans, view the how to view the goal plans training video. For information on the difference between direct, indirect, and non-direct supervisors, please view the article in the miscellaneous folder in our knowledge base.